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Sapceman SAPCEMAN, aforementioned Brave Hero of the Universe! Reflexes like a puma, mind like a cheetah, and the lasering skills of a well-trained ocelot - Sapceman is charged by the High Prince of Skazzmotron with ensuring peace and safety throughout the Universe!
Her HER is Sapceman's faithful companion! A well-trained space horticulturist, she also has advanced degrees in hyperlinguistics, physical therapy, film studies and quantum laserology! No damsel in distress, she!
Dr. Cinnamon DR. CINNAMON, agent of chaos and unfriendliness, is an evil scientist working clandestinely for Chairman Meow of the planet Garfcliff 7! More than a mere Robokitty, Dr. Cinnamon uses his keen intellect to conjure up new avenues of destruction and pain! And he really doesn't care for Sapceman...
Robokitties ROBOKITTIES seek the decimation of all that is good and pure in the Universe!
High Prince of Skazzmotron THE HIGH PRINCE OF SKAZZMOTRON, sovereign of the peaceful and just planet Skazzmotron, lends his patronage to Sapceman, aiding Sapceman's adventures from his stately pleasure dome in Skazzmotron Central City!
Professor Millionaire PROFESSOR MILLIONAIRE is a shadowy character whose motivations and allegiances remain shrouded in a delicious mystery! What is known: he's independently wealthy, he dresses purtier than a 250 spacelira astrohooker, and he does not care for Robokittes!
Laser LASER is the way, the truth, and the laser! From the Frappocrypha, Chapter 1, Verse 1: "In the beginning there was the Laser, and the Laser was with the zappety-zap, and the Laser was the zappety-zap!"