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Sapceman.com Home

The continuing adventures of Sapceman is a joint venture between AstroDan's (The Universe's finest purveyor of necessary goods at quality prices) and SapceCo Industries, Lamont Q. Cranston, CEO.

Approached at laserpoint by AstroDan and "gently persuaded" to serialize the adventures of Sapceman - Brave Hero of the Universe! from the original filmstrips and radioscopes, the not-quite-ready-for-newspapers-players, Echosan the Scribbler Man and Dr. Cosmos, Scrivener to the Stars, set to work.

Where will Sapceman's next adventures take him? Only the stars (and SapceCo's corporate Board of Directors) know!!


Q: Who the hell are you people?
A: Dr. Cosmos is Jordan Taylor, master of magnetism. He's a Leo who enjoys cooking shows and early Titte Brothers. His life revolves around writing new issues of Sapceman, but he occasionally goes to work as a soulless government automaton.

A: Echosan is Christopher Echols, high powered attorney and millionaire bonvivant. When he's not raiding corporations or bedding supermodels, he draws Sapceman and does some nonsense with computers.

Q: Sapceman? Didn't you just misspell...
A: No, YOU misspelled Sapceman!

Q: I think your stupid comic is as stupid as you yourselves.
A: That's not even really a question.

Q: Can you be reached via electronic mail?
A: Harvest this, spambots!! maryvillescots (@) gmail or cechols (@) gmail

Q: Lasers?
A: You bet your ass.