Brave Hero of the Universe
echosan Holy crap we can talk to each other now! I know all 12 of you were really looking forward to being able to tell us how bad the comic is in a more public format, so here you go.

If, for some reason, you've mistaken "terrible" for "sort of good", I won't stop you from writing something positive about our little adventure here (there may also be money in it for you if you do).

Otherwise, please continue enjoying the passion play that is ... Sapceman!
Dr. Cosmos As a Man that hails from Space (get a spellchecker, Jeerkass) I find this comic to be extremely offensive and incongruous with my own experience! Where are the power converters, crushinators, and Gleepnoids that make up MY existence, huh? Go back to doing Marmaduke and leave space to the REAL brave heroes of the universe, ya hacks.
I love this comic, but it needs a little bit of something to take it to a hole nubba lebel.



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