echosan Breaking radio silence with a one-shot. Had the idea to do a few of these sort of standalone episodes, and Jordan wrote a bunch of them for me.

If you want to see it super big, here it is :
WOW - long time no see! I have but one question. What IS that little broken thing in the smoke cloud in front of the dude? For an instant, well, maybe a little longer than an instant, I thought it was one of the robokitties - brought back to life from a random explosion of potion. It does resemble a kitty head and tail.....
echosan @anmldoc: Heh. I cannot divulge that secret for fear of ruining a continuity I am not in charge of. :)

Also, here's the full text of Jordan's script for this issue:

Professor Millionaire was working late in his well-appointed laboratorium once again, but he looked poised for a major scientific breakthrough! Taking the vial marked "S" into his begloved hand, he carefully poured the contents into the bubbling pan marked WEAPON C! AND THERE WAS A GREAT AND MIGHTY EXPLOSION, ROCKING THE STATELY PLEASURE DOME OF MILLIONAIRE ESTATE. As the good Professor coughed and cleared the smoke, a single shimmering talon rose out of the pan...
Dr. Cosmos Holy Cosmic Calamity, Sapceman! Is this the beginning of a glorious new age of SCIENCE?! The Professor bets his ascot that it is! But what of the sinister concoction, with it's dash of Formula S? Is this a corner piece in the puzzlesome tapestry that is the world of Sapceman? Stay tuned for more! Maybe. Like, if you want more. Or if Echosan can find the time, between smuggling runs and fighting the dreaded BLUNGOR. Here's hoping!



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